Ferguson More Than Just Blindside


Ferguson More Than Just Blindside
By Kristian R. Dyer via NJ.Scout.com
Always a thinker and pragmatic, it should be no surprise that a player whom quarterback Mark Sanchez said “looks like a governor” avidly follows politics

Florham Park, NJ – D’Brickashaw Ferguson is pretty good protection for quarterbackMark Sanchez, but even he concedes that the secret service may do a slightly better job of safeguarding the Jets’ starting quarterback.

In late May, Sanchez was a guest of a state dinner at the White House when President Obama hosted Mexican President Felipe Calderon. Sanchez, who earlier this year proclaimed himself to be fully of Mexican descent, attended the black-tie event not with a Hollywood starlet or even a family member. Instead, Sanchez brought the man who protects his blindside.

“It was a great experience – one I was honored to be a part of and obviously really enjoyed,” Ferguson told GreenAndWhiteReport.com. “I definitely owe Mark for that one.”

Ferguson is currently working on his MBA but considers himself to be a bit of a political junkie. He’ll watch all the major cable news networks that cover politics and he said he voraciously reads news and commentary online. Any newspaper with an international news section becomes part of his daily routine as he reads up on global news. He says he will check the New York Times and Miami Herald regularly to get his fix.

“I know Brick’s into politics. He looks like a governor. He could definitely be a governor or something. It just felt right to take a teammate and someone who’d be interested,” Sanchez said after the event. “He was definitely that and he had a great time.”

But he also keeps updated with tweets.

“Obama’s on Twitter ya know,” Ferguson said. “I follow.”

All told, the left tackle turned political commentator is pleased with the job that President Obama has performed in office. He’s not quick to criticize the President, rather he says that it will “take him another year to fully get things going the way he wants it to go.” Ferguson won’t bash any previous administrations, but he says that this current president has a full plate.

“I think that there are so many competing interests, so many things going on that the key for the President will be striking that right balance,” Ferguson said. “You have two wars, a financial situation that is not good and a host of other concerns – you need to tackle what you can to maybe build some momentum. Right now, that has been tough for him.”

As to his own financial condition – Ferguson is in the final year of his contract and is seeking a new deal – the lineman isn’t quite ready to reveal the advice from his war room quite yet.

“As of right now, it really hasn’t been my main focus. It isn’t what I’m thinking about right now,” Ferguson said during mini-camp. “When it comes up, it comes up.”

There is an issue that is dear to Ferguson’s heart, and the left tackle is glad to see that the White House is taking a stand on childhood obesity. Ferguson praised the work that Michelle Obama has done in educating young people on the importance of nutrition and healthy living. It is something that the player has done through Generation Jets, the community outreach arm of the team.

“Michelle Obama has done an excellent job, it is one of her issues that she has embraced,” Ferguson said. “There often times, in the urban areas – there isn’t a whole lot of knowledge about what is an epidemic in our society with childhood obesity. Sometimes, there isn’t an adult present who can help and educate and let a child or young person know what is a good choice for them and how to live healthy.”

But does Ferguson follow the first lady on Twitter like he follows her husband?

“Oh, I think I do,” Ferguson said. “I think I do.”

We promise we won’t tell Barack.

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