Toby Elmore

Director Since 2007

Elmore grew up in Queens but attended Sachem High School. He attended Hofstra University achieving his B.A. and Masters degree in Physical Education. Since 2000, Elmore has been the offensive line coach for the Freeport High School football team. In addition to his success as an offensive line coach, Toby Elmore spends his time aiding and teaching physical education to those with special needs. Elmore continues to aid his community by being a supporter and advocate of the Special Olympics. Elmore is also a successful entrepreneur, with the development of Sportworx , a venture that is committed to helping young athletes with the recruiting process. He has given athletes a chance to become better familiarized with the expectations that colleges have for aspiring athletes. Elmore’s other venture, an event planning company, advocates fun and fitness for young individuals. Toby Elmore is a proud father of three Kieran, Tyler and Logan and loving husband of wife Denise Elmore.