Ed Ferguson

Chairman of the Board

Ed Ferguson grew up in Nassau, Bahamas and moved to New York City when he was 25 years old. Ferguson attended Baruch College in New York City. At Baruch, he took up the sport of Fencing and Body Building. Ferguson’s passion to be the best, earned him First place in the school’s Body Building Competition. Ferguson’s achievements did not stop there he took up a new sport, Shotokhan Karate. Ferguson encouraged his family to participate and together they achieved their Blackbelts. Ed Ferguson opened up the Lighthouse School of Moon and Water, where he was the head instructor. Ferguson continued to challenge himself and he attended Dowling College where he received his Master’s Degree in General Business Management. After working for the corporate office of 7-Eleven for a number of years, Ferguson’s entrepreneurial aspirations lead him to develop E.R. Management and Consulting  Services. Ferguson has utilized this company to help athletes and others to further understand the nuances of business as it relates to their occupation and aid in their financial futures. Ed Ferguson is the loving husband of Rhunette Ferguson and the proud father of two sons, Edwin Ferguson Jr. and D’Brickashaw Ferguson.