D’Brickashaw Ferguson

Chief Executive Officer

D’Brickashaw Montgomery Ferguson was born on December 10th, 1983, to Rhunette and Edwin Ferguson Sr. Raised in Freeport, a suburb in Nassau County, D’Brickashaw would attend Freeport High School, where he would realize his passion for football. D’Brickashaw chose to attend the University of Virginia in 2002. A four year starter, he would make his mark on the college football landscape. D’Brickashaw would set many records at Virginia, including one for the most starts by a freshman with 14 starts. He would also beat Ray Robert’s long-standing record for most starts by offensive linemen, starting 49 consecutive games. D’Brickashaw would earn All-American as well as All-ACC 1st team honors throughout his tenure, all while earning a B.A. in Religious Studies in three and a half years. The New York Jets selected D’Brickashaw Ferguson with their first pick (4th Overall) in the 2006 NFL draft. D’Brickashaw would pick-up where he left off, earning All-NFL rookie honors his first year in the NFL.  D’Brickashaw is a 3-time NFL Pro Bowler and has started every game during his 10 year career with the New York Jets, a mark few can claim. D'Brickashaw lives with his wife, Kirsten Ferguson and two daughters,  Eden and Emery in NJ.